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Please note that the information you fill out here is the job description sent to potential applicants and is used for promotional purposes. As we work with over 3,000 companies, we encourage you to make your description as appealing as possible and to highlight any aspects that are unique to your company and that differentiate you from the pack.

For the business sector, some examples could include potential for hire upon completion of the program, company receiving excellent press or awards recently, big name clients, mentors at the company who are experienced professionals/worked at brand name firms, etc. Non-profit examples can include the ability to work directly with clients, unique population that is serviced, etc.  You are also welcome to send us a PDF file with details about your company or organization. Help us help the intern choose you!


Israel Experience Internship Staff

Additional questions? Comments? 

Please email Mara Seidel, Internship Placement Manager at Israel Experience. 

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