It’s no secret that Israel Hi-Tech Industry in Israel is one of the leaders in the world. With more patents, entrepreneurs, and inventions than most other countries, it has gained a worldwide stage for its success. We can bore you with other details about this arena but let’s focus on the fun facts. 

Keep these in mind when you sign up for an internship in Israel. You will have the opportunity to work in a dynamic workplace with an Israeli-driven workforce. Each company with its unique focus, atmosphere, and goals but all with a bit of Israeli ‘chutzpah’ (audacity or cheekiness) and into-the-night eagerness.

Bet you didn’t know these about the industry:

These are only a few. There are many more success stories, some bigger than others, but all originating from a unique country forging the way in the global technology sector. Career Israel and Masa internships can let you be part of this journey.

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