October 2014: The Boston Jewish Advocate: “War Changed a Summer Job Experience”, Hanna Anderson

Hanna  Anderson came to Jerusalem to work at a Marketing and PR internship at a publishing company.  Over the summer she gained not only work experience, but also learned about the sense of community and family present in Israel and how the country comes together during difficult times. Read more here or check out Hanna’s internship at Koren Publishers.

August 2014: Her Campus – FSU: “College Students Intern at Non-Profits in Israel”, Lindsey Marcus.

For her Onward Hillel Israel internship at Israel Experience in Jerusalem, Lindsey Marcus writes about how sometimes, it takes a leap of faith and moving to a new country to find your passion and how two Career Israel- Summer participants found that passion working with non-profits. Read more here or check out Lindsey’s internship at Israel Experience or the internships featured in the article at the Jaffa Institute’s Beit Ruth House for at-risk girls and the Ethiopian National Project.

July 2013: Canadian Jewish News: “Canadian helps African refugees in Israel”, Viva Sarah Press.

Lilah Jaffee came to Israel for some hands-on humanitarian experience and found it as a volunteer at the African Refugee Development Center (ARDC). Read more here or check out Lilah’s internship at ARDC.

July 2013: Gallaudet University: “Faces of Gallaudet – For the Love of Languages”, Heather Breitbach.

Laurel Silverstein’s internship at Moshe Sharet, a school for deaf and hearing Israeli children, led her exactly to the career she’d been looking for. The interpretation major and Detroit, Mich. native, who graduated in May 2012, is now working as an English instructor at the school in Tel Aviv, Israel. She will return to the campus this fall to pursue a master’s degree in linguistics. Read more here or check out Laurel’s internship at Moshe Sharet here.

June 2013: Times of Israel: “Teetering on the edge of the Jewish ‘leadership cliff'”, Amanda Borschel-Dan.

A Career Israel intern at the Institute for Terrorism Research and Response (ITRR) in Jerusalem, Rudee is a senior at Scripps Women’s College in Claremont, California. ”I represent a case study of one who became a Jewish leader,” she says. Read more or check out the blog post about Ellie Rudee’s speech at the 2013 Israeli Presidential Conference.

April 2013: Charisma Magazine: “Career Israel Morphs Into ‘Israel Forever”, Laura Sigal.

I fell in love with the opportunity to learn from international professionals, who not only helped me improve my writing but welcomed me in true Israeli fashion, as if they had known me forever. I fell in love with the sense of community that came with strangers taking me in for Shabbat, as well as the community in Neve Daniel, which took in me and two friends for the weekend. Read more.

March 2013: Haaretz: “When thrill-seekers become job-seekers, Tel Aviv is the place”

Each year, Masa, a joint venture of the Israeli government and the Agency, brings about 300 post-college-age Jews from abroad to this country − mostly to Tel Aviv − as part of its Career Israel internship program. Most are Taglit-Birthright alumni interested in longer-term experiences in the country, says Rachel Sales, who runs the program. “After each five-month session, about 35-40 percent of the participants stay for at least another few months in Israel, and about 15 percent end up making aliyah,” she says.

Take Masha Arbisman, who interned at the Tel Aviv startup All My Faves ‏(an Internet company that helps users navigate the Web‏), and was hired, after that program ended, by BootCamp Ventures, a venture capital firm in the city. Or Adam Olstein, who worked as a marketing intern at 365scores, a high-tech sports start-up in Tel Aviv, who just landed a job at another small business as a content writer. And then there’s Jeff Capilouto, who interned at Valueshine, where he did market research and business development, and later accepted a full-time position at Inforeal Network, where he does the same sort of work. Read more.

November 2012: BuffaloGrovePatch: Spotlight on: “Mariel Akerman: Long Grove girl immigrates to Israel”

During grad school she went on a Birthright trip which is a free, first-time, peer group trip to Israel for Jewish young adults. That’s where she must’ve caught the bug because Mariel wanted to go back to Israel, for longer than 10 short days. When she graduated from Rush with a degree in Health Systems Management, she went on a program called Masa Career Israel where she worked with African refugee women who were pregnant and in need of pre-natal care or abortions. Read more.

August 2012: L.A. Jewish Journal: “An Office of Passionate People: My Internship Experience in Jerusalem”

Life after college is a confusing time.  What are your options?  Work?  Graduate school?  Travel?  These were the questions I asked myself upon graduating from Colorado College with a B.A in Religion in May of 2010.  I decided to move back home and weigh my options.  My lifelong dream had always been to either spend a substantial amount of time in Israel or to make aliyah.  My dilemma was how to proceed in such an endeavor.  During my Birthright trip in 2008, they had explained to my group that there were ways of returning to Israel, but I was not very clear on the options available to me.  Initially, I looked into the logistics of moving to Israel for a year or so and trying to find work and an apartment on my own.  This proved much more complicated then I had originally anticipated and the idea quickly fell by the wayside.  Read more.

August 2012: West Bloomfield Patch: “5 Questions: Allmyfaves.com’s Ariel Disner”

For thousands of college graduates who still haven’t found their dream job, or any job for that matter, professional internships in Israel are becoming the option of choice. The opportunity to gain hands-on job experience is particularly beckoning to young Americans, who’ve discovered in recent years that a college degree is no longer a guaranteed ticket to gainful employment.

Disner is Jewish, a a 2007 graduate of Birmingham Groves High who had participated in the Birthright Israel tour program which allows American Jewish youth an all-expenses paid vacation in Israel. However, immersed in her new culture in Tel Aviv, Disner shared that her internship was a far different from any vacation.  Read more.

July 2012: Haaretz: “Interns are the new kibbutznikim”

For thousands of college graduates who still haven’t found their dream job, or any job for that matter, professional internships in Israel are becoming the option of choice. The opportunity to gain hands-on job experience is particularly beckoning to young Americans, who’ve discovered in recent years that a college degree is no longer a guaranteed ticket to gainful employment. Read more.

July 2012: Jerusalem Post: “Helping African women in Tel Aviv”

For most Americans, the issues of government oppression, genocide, civil wars, mosquitos and hunger in Africa are experienced only through television commercials portraying young children as an emotional tactic to elicit monetary aid. Not so long ago, this was the extent of my knowledge and perception of societal problems in Africa.

After finishing graduate school with a M.Sc. in Health Systems Management from Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, Illinois, and working in project and medical group management for two years – I decided I wanted to live in Israel and somehow make my degree valuable in this land that Jews from all over the world feel such a strong connection to. Read more.

July 2012: Jerusalem Post: “Providing hope for refugees in Israel”

For centuries, Jews have been targets of persecution, incrimination and hostility. Following the Nazi regime’s discrimination, victimization and horrific, genocidal crimes, the international community established a homeland to protect the Jewish people. Now, it is the State of Israel’s responsibility to give back and protect the vulnerable and the unprotected. Read more.

July 2012: Canadian Jewish News: “Canadian helps refugees in Israel”

Lilah Jaffee came to Israel for some hands-on humanitarian experience and found it as a volunteer at the African Refugee Development Center (ARDC). ”When I came to Israel, I didn’t even know there was an African refugee problem. I thought I’d be helping asylum seekers get refugee status, but that’s not the case,” Jaffee told The CJN. “What I thought I was getting into and what I do are completely different. But this has been the most amazing internship for me.” Read more.

June 2010: Jewlicious: “Israel, you had me at menorah”

Allow me to explain. After two years working at a publishing company in New York editing mostly romance novels, I joined Masa Israel’s Career Israel internship program looking for something else to do with my English major. A few days after arriving in Tel Aviv, my roommates and I went shopping for desk lamps. Not seeing any displayed, I said to the salesperson in my best Hebrew, “We want light,” pointing to the light bulb in the ceiling, “but on a table.” Amazingly, he understood what I meant and answered in Hebrew, “Oh, you want a menorah.”  Read more here.

June 2010: Canadian Jewish News: “Masa Israel allowed me to develop my career”

I always wanted to gain professional experience in medical research abroad and thus decided to head to Israel. I had wanted to return there since my Birthright trip. Thus, I enrolled in Masa Israel’s Career Israel, a five-month internship program in Tel Aviv. Read more.

February 2010: Oy!Chicago: “My Career Israel experience”

While applying for a doctorate in clinical psychology, I decided to head to Israel.  I had just spent the year working as an Early Intervention Specialist for toddlers who demonstrated signs of autism or other pervasive developmental disorders.  Yet, I knew that I still needed something else to set me apart from other applicants.  I enrolled in Masa Israel’s Career Israel to gain professional experience abroad. Read more.

February 2010: Chicago Tribune: “Americans chase internships abroad as a gateway to work”

After JPMorgan Chase laid off Adi Clerman as a recruiter in August 2008, the 26-year-old Chicagoan couldn’t find a job — any job.

“I was looking and looking for work and interviewing and interviewing, and nothing was coming,” she said.

So Clerman decided to go abroad. She grabbed a five-month internship in Tel Aviv, Israel, at an American marketing firm through Masa Israel’s Career Israel program, a partnership with the Israeli government that sends young people to the country for work experiences. It filled a huge gap on her resume. Read more.

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