Her photos covering Lag B’Omer have been published in the Times of Israel, Israel National News, and Matzav.com. Now, Sarah Schuman’s internship as a photojournalist at Flash90 continues to bring her to the forefront of top news stories.

This past week, Sarah was present as the Women of the Wall made their monthly controversial visit to the kotel.

Take a look at her work now published on her blog:

“This past Friday Women of the Wall was out again praying at the Western Wall.  The difference this time was that for the first time in history they were allowed to be wearing Tallit (traditional prayer shawls, traditionally worn by men) and put on Tefillin.  For the first time the police were protecting the women rather then arresting them. The orthodox community is not happy with the court decision to allow women to wear tallit and tefillin at the Kotel, so they organized a protest.  There were thousands of Orthodox that were bused in the morning the Women of the Wall were supposed to pray.  The idea was that if there were enough Orthodox Jews at the Kotel then the Women would have no place to pray.  The police acted as borders in order to separate the two communities.  So while the Orthodox Jews were throwing coffee and food and trying to brake the human police shield Women of the Wall were able to pray in “peace”.  There were 1000s of people there and it was literally one of the craziest things I have ever experienced in my entire life.”

Here is just a preview of Sarah’s coverage of  the Women of the Wall prayer group at the kotel.

See the rest here

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