April 17th, 2013

Tel Aviv, Israel

“My internship has officially made my trip here worthwhile and it’s not even half way complete. I had never really envisioned myself working in journalism, even though it’s in my blood, and my uncle and grandpa dedicated their careers to it.

The second day on the job I got to sit in on an interview with the Director of National intelligence at the Institute for National Security Studies. A mouthful, I know.

Week 2: Interview at the largest IDF command post inside the West Bank. Yea, that West Bank. [see picture below]


Week 3: I’ve gone more North than I ever have and got uncomfortably close to the Syrian Border.

Week 4: Interview with the Deputy Chief of Staff for the U.N. This upcoming week I will be getting trained how to shoot video for live feeds for TV!!

If these past few weeks were any indication of was my future will hold, then I am beyond appreciative for the path that has been laid before me; I don’t know exactly where it will lead me, but regardless, I am happy to comply.”



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