1. What is the CJP Boston Onward Israel summer program?
The program is an eight week highly subsidized professional internship program in Jerusalem or Haifa. As part of the program participants engage in interactive educational programming exploring various aspects of Israeli society. There are also group weekends in the Haifa Partnership Region as well as with Onward Israel participants from all over the world.

2. What are the program dates?
The program runs from June 5th- August 3rd and participation on the entire program is compulsory.

3. Who is eligible?
Jewish young adults aged 19-30 who have completed at least a year of university, and who attend a New England area college or university.

4. What kind of an internship will I have?
You will be placed in a high level professional internship in your field of study or interest. With over 800 employers in our database, there is sure to be a match for you! A placement coordinator will be assigned to you who will work with you individually to secure a tailor made internship placement.

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5. Do I need to know Hebrew?
No, you do not need to know Hebrew to participate on the program and the internship assumption is that you do not have Hebrew skills. If you do have Hebrew skills it will increase your options and create for more significant engagement with Israelis, but without Hebrew you will do just fine!

6. What is the internship placement process?
Following acceptance to the program, a placement coordinator will be assigned to you who will work with you individually to secure an internship placement that matches your area of study and interests. You will have a phone or skype interview with your employer prior to arrival in Israel. Once in Israel, your coordinator will continue to accompany and guide you throughout your time on the program to ensure that your internship is a successful one. Upon completion of the program you will have the tools necessary to utilize your internship as a selling point for your future, on your resume as well as in interviews.

7. Why should I do an internship in Israel?
In a competitive job market, employers are looking for candidates who stand out, who did something unique. An international internship gives you that competitive edge, both with employers and graduate school applications. Israel is a cutting edge leader in technology and innovation. In addition, Israel is a tight knit society with little formal hierarchy. Interns get a chance to make a meaningful contribution at their places of work. Don’t be surprised if the CEO wants to hear your opinion on the new product being launched! Experience like this you can’t get anywhere else in the world. In addition, you will have a chance to explore all that Israel has to offer- personally, professionally and Jewishly.

8. How much does the program cost?
The program is highly subsidized by the Boston CJP and the Jewish Agency. As such the cost per participants is only $300, plus flight.

9. What is included in the cost?
The program cost includes housing, full board, laundry services, transportation for activities and programs as well as to and from your internship, educational programming, insurance, and program staff and supervision. It does not include flights, spending money for recreation and free time or additional travel on weekends.

10. Where will I live?
On the Jerusalem based program you will live in the Lev Yerushalayim hotel suites ( http://www.levyerushalayim.co.il) located in downtown Jerusalem- walking distance from the Downtown district, the “shuk” (outdoor market) and the Old City.

On the Haifa based program you will live in the Port area of Haifa, close to the Bahai Gardens and the German Colony, walking distance from the port, where exciting fairs take place every Friday.

11. What is unique about this program?
In addition to a high level internship, including internship training and supervision, you will have a weekend in Boston’s Partnership Community of Haifa, where you’ll meet community leaders and representatives, as well as Israeli peers. You will have weekly educational programming that is all interactive- including hikes, trips, and visits to unique Israeli locales. You’ll get to know other students from the Greater New England area through joint programming and weekends. And you’ll have the opportunity to experience Israel in a unique way- through the workplace.

12. Are there other parts to the program other than the internship?
Yes! Weekly educational programming, evening gatherings with Israelis, a weekend in the Haifa Partnership Region and a weekend with peers from all over the world participating on Onward Israel programs.

13. Who runs the program?
The program is funded by Jewish Agency, the Shapira Foundation and the Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Greater Boston. The program is organized and run by the Israel Experience, the premier provider of internship programs in Israel for Jews from abroad. The Israel Experience runs the Career Israel program as well as many Onward Israel specialized programs.

14. Where can I get more information?
You can email Jordana Bickel, jordanab@israelexperience.org.il for more information, or contact your local campus representative.

15. How do I apply?
It’s easy, just fill out the short application and you will already have begun your journey to the most incredible summer of your life!

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