“It really has been a while since Career Israel and I can’t believe that tomorrow will mark the day to the month that I got on the plane to come home. Crazy. I miss Israel so much.

Since returning, I have been living in Baltimore, visiting family and friends, and working on my portfolio website. Once that’s finished, I am going to apply to jobs in advertising.

It is hard to choose one favorite memory from Career Israel since there are so many, but one that I will never forget is when a large group of us had Friday night dinner with Rabbi Ezra, his wife and baby. Everyone sang the brachot as we celebrated Tu B’Shevat. The night grew amazingly intense after consuming the delicious food and multiple shots of wine! It was a lot of fun.

Career Israel has impacted me in a few ways. First off, I painted a Jerusalem inspired mug at a pottering painting store. I guess you can say I was a little homesick for Israel when I got back!

But in all seriousness, since coming home I have been eager to participate in events only pertaining to Israel. In the last few weeks, I represented Career Israel at two events: a Masa Israel fair and comedy show with Benji Lovitt, and a Masa Israel fair for GWU students. Tomorrow I will attend a gala for the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces where I was recently nominated to be on the Mid-Atlantic board.

As far as who I am as a person, I feel that Israel gave me a lot of confidence and independence. Through experiences with friends, working and living amongst Israelis, I came home with an entirely different outlook on life. I feel like I can do anything now. It’s liberating.”

Alisa had a graphic design internship with McCann Erickson

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