Each participant’s path that leads him or her to Career Israel is different from the next. There was no one-size-fits-all path that guided us to this program but rather numerous, unique journeys that brought 41 participants from eight different countries together to form Career 24. My path formed from my desire to experience living in Tel Aviv, which fueled my drive to take my consulting career global. My current employer, Deloitte, supported me in pursuing my dreams and gave me the opportunity to take a sabbatical from the Washington, DC office’s Risk and Financial Advisory practice and work in the Tel Aviv office’s Human Capital consulting practice for my Career Israel internship. Deloitte’s Tel Aviv office opened my eyes to the global consulting market and allowed me to gain hands-on experience in Human Capital consulting, which was a department that I started gaining interest in about six months prior to the program.

The experience I gained working in my “internship” in Tel Aviv enabled me to return to my home office in DC and be offered a senior role on a Human Capital engagement as well as supported my official transfer request into Deloitte’s Human Capital consulting department.


Originally, when asked by Deloitte why I applied for a sabbatical versus simply doing a global exchange, I explained to them that the Career Israel program offered more than just global work experience, it offered social and educational opportunities to ensure a successful transition to Tel Aviv life. Career Israel brought incredible people from around the world into my life and allowed us to live like Tel Avivians and travel around Israel to witness the wonders and complexities of the country for four and a half months. My path to Career Israel was a windy one, but I’m glad it brought me to the Career 24 group so that I could grow as a person, learn from those I met along the way, and develop new passions to pursue in life.

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