Rachel is a university student and the University of Wisconsin-Stout studying interior design and business with goals of one day owning her own business. She completed an internship at Peretz Architecture as a Designer Intern with Career Israel in the summer of 2019. This internship gave her design skills and knowledge of specific software to take with her to use in the future. During her internship, she was able to meet and connect with employees at Peretz Architecture while also showing off skills she knew before becoming an intern. Her most memorable experience throughout her program with Israel Experience was meeting new people and exploring different sites throughout the country. Her advice for future participants is to “travel, explore and have fun!”.

Peretz Architecture has a very diverse skill-set specializing in residential buildings, private homes, interior design, green architecture, urban renewal, planning & urban design, and architectural lighting design. This firm has created and implemented a wide range of projects throughout Israel and on an international level. With such a diverse skill-set, Peretz Architecture gives customers the ability to create a vision while they handle the rest. 

Job Description: A designer intern will work on different projects, helping improve the website, 3D design and work with different software like SketchUp or AutoCAD.

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