“I am currently living in New York City, working in finance for a company called Payoneer.  Payoneer is actually an Israeli-founded company, and our largest office is in Petah Tikvah (though we are headquartered in New York).  So I get the opportunity to travel to Israel a couple of times per year for work, which is great.

My greatest memory from the Career Israel experience was living in Beit Leni on King George Street.  It was really an amazing experience to be in the heart of Tel Aviv living with so many people from all over the world who came to Israel for similar reasons to me.  As far as specific experiences go, the trip to Sderot was incredible and I really hope that future programs get to experience that too.

I think my Career Israel experience really gave a depth to my appreciation for Israel and Judaism that I would never have had otherwise.  It was so important for me to step outside of New York for a year and experience something like this program, which gave me a well-roundedness that I needed.  It also gave me a great group of lifelong friends, who I still see regularly three years later.”

Eric interned at the Institute for Renewable Energy Policy (IREP), which formulates policy based on in-depth interdisciplinary research at IDC Herzilya.


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