Rebecca L

What do I plan on doing with my life after my internship ends? The truth is, I have no clue! I didn’t know five years ago when I began college, wasn’t too sure when I applied for Career Israel, and even with a job Sunday through Thursday, it’s difficult to say where I see my life headed.

On my first day of work with the Atlas Hotels, I got lost two steps after getting off the bus. There I was, in nude wedges, a blue pencil skirt, and a silk white tank top; the epitome of a ‘wandering Jew.’ Thank goodness for Google Maps, but it didn’t exactly help the emerging blisters on my feet. I was used to wearing heels in synagogue, but never at work. Well, let’s just say that after one day of working in Israel, it’s safe to say I never plan on wearing heels again! The environment is so relaxed and I love it!

Who would think wearing flip flops suffices as appropriate footwear while working in a hotel office? Welcome to Israel. My boss’ boss (the general manager of the hotel) continues to ask me when I am moving to Tel Aviv permanently. Again, the informality never ceases to amaze me. It’s practically unheard of for the CEO in the United States to associate with the interns, apart from the occasional firm handshake and forced sense of interest in what you studied in college. But in Israel, that’s the norm. This is part of what makes this country so magical.

After studying Communications and Writing in college, I thought I knew everything there was to know about Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. Each day my internship teaches me something new. Whether it be a new word in Hebrew or how to photo-shop a picture album, each day poses a new mission. I have the responsibility of interacting with future and former customers on TripAdvisor, writing blog posts, and even managing all these different social media sites. It’s much more than the weekly press release I was taught to write…and, again, I love it!

With the experienced gained through the Atlas Hotels, I can work anywhere I want—and still have a place to call home in Israel. If offered the opportunity to completely transform your life or your job, do it now. Don’t wait. Zero regrets from this ever-wandering Jew.

Rebecca Lenkiewicz is the Social Media Account Coordinator for Atlas Hotels.

Rebecca is 23 and a recent CCSU graduate.

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