Mazel Tov, Marisa, for your new position as Sales Representative at Rimon Design House!

“Career Israel has been an extremely invaluable experience for me! I came into this program really wanting to boost my resume and develop my skills/experience in the fashion industry. So, I decided to do two internships. Everyone, including my internship coordinator (love you Mara!), insisted I was a bit silly to be doing two, but I knew what I wanted out of this internship program and I was prepared to work hard for it.

One of my internships was at Rimon Design House, an international fashion distribution showroom that represents Israeli designers and sells their designs to the American market. I was a sales/product development/social media intern. Daily tasks included researching fashion bloggers, boutiques and museums in various cities to sell our designers’ products to, creating mood boards for PR daily newsletters, pinning on Pinterest, etc. As the months went on I gained more experience, knowledge about international fashion sales, and worked hard for RDH.

About three weeks ago, my lovely bosses Tracey and Liat entrusted me with more responsibilities and eventually gave me a raise as a paid Sales Representative. I am an intern no more! I now have a sales territory, research and contact leads such as boutiques, museums, fashion bloggers, etc. in order to make sales or advertise our designers’ products. I also work on social media, create mood boards, research various ways to market our brand, etc. on a daily basis. It is an honor to be a part of the Rimon Design House team. I am learning a lot and enjoying my position!

After the program ends I plan to live in Tel Aviv for a year, work for RDH, and travel Europe and the East! Career Israel has been an incredible journey and an amazing asset to my multi-faceted experience as a fashion industry professional!”

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