Coming to Israel on Career Israel was not my first Israel program and I thought I could predict what it would be like. Going on tiyulim (trips) around Israel, meeting people from all over the world, eating hummus, etc… Except for one detail, now I was going to work in an Israeli company. That means an experience not just as a tourist or a regular student, but as an intern with real responsibilities and commitments. I would get to experience the day by day in Israel as a working citizen.

After graduating with a degree in information systems and working at a start-up, Israel was certainly the best place I could be. Israel has so many high tech start-ups making a great impact on the scene. Looking through all of the options Career Israel sent me, I saw I already knew about them from tech forums and other websites, what I didn’t know was that they were from Israel. After confirming that they were also interested on my profile, I did a round of interviews and got accepted as a software engineer intern, without knowing what kind of challenges I would face.

Right away, I started by working on our newest app: Cal, trying to understand its source code so I could help them solving bugs and crashes. As I progressed, opportunities to work with other cool programs appeared, like: writing unit tests for our code, or setting up a continuous integration server. After a couple of weeks I can actually see my work improving our app, impacting millions of our users, getting that good sense of accomplishment.

Having the experience to work on a start-up with first class apps like Cal and, it is amazing! Knowing that your work can impact the life of more than millions users by the end of the day it’s even better and all of this surrounded by amazing professionals in a good work environment.

Solving challenging bugs, improving our source code and learning a lot, it’s certainly having a good day everyday!

Marcio Klepacz is working as a developer at

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