Harel Insurance Company welcomes you and is pleased that you have joined Harel’s large family of insureds. During your stay in Israel and in the framework of the Israel Experience educational programs, you will be insured in the framework of Medical Insurance in Israel provided by Harel Insurance Company. Upon the occurrence of a medical event, the insurance policy provides you an exceptionally wide safety net which includes inter alia, covers such as:

However, it is important to note that there are events or occurrences which are not covered by the policy, such as:

In any event, only the full insurance terms detailed in the policy shall bind the insurer.

Insurance Card

When wishing to obtain medical services, the Insurance Card in your possession containing your personal details, should be presented. This card is personal and non-transferable. All the medical services will be provided by means of the services array included in the arrangement with the insurer.

Extension of the Policy

In the event of your choosing to extend your stay in Israel after the end of the Israel Experience Program and the insurance period lapses, feel free to contact us or the Israel Experience in order to extend the policy. Extension of the policy is subject to authorization by the  insurance company.

For information and assistance in locating medical service providers Harel Center – 24 hours per day 1-800- 414-422

We wish you a pleasurable stay in Israel. Harel Insurance Company Tourists in Israel Division ROMANIA© DiskArt™ 1988



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