For us expats living in the holy land, you better believe we live up to our American duty and tune in to Superbowl XVLII – and obviously the long awaited Destiny Child Reunion Performance.

In fact, Israel’s popular American sports bar, Mikes Place, was crawling with eager football fans last night according to Haaretz. With Goldstar overflowing in red solo cups and endless orders of greasy nachos, hamburgers, and mac & cheese – Israel’s Americans were up pretty late.

© Haaretz.
Career Israel Alum Peleg Lotan at Mikes Place Sunday night in Tel Aviv.

After a final score like 34-31, our 3 Destiny’s Children getting back together, and the fact that the Super Bowl was on February 3rd – well, there is only one way to celebrate:

The 3 Hottest Sports Internships of the Week


Online Marketing Coordinator | 365Scores

365Scores is a dynamic start-up  that develops products to provide users with personalized sports information such scores, news, and videos in real time on all available platforms.

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Disabled Youth Internship | Israel Sport Center for the Disabled

The Israel Sport Center for the Disabled is one of the world pioneers in the field of sports rehabilitation. The center opened its gates in 1960 and specializes in the physical and psychological rehabilitation of children and youth. For more than fifty years, the remarkable staff and volunteers have encouraged the disabled to participate in a variety of sports activities and to benefit from the countless ways in which sports is healing.

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Broadcast Media | Israel Sports Radio

Israel Sports Radio broadcasts through the internet. Geared towards mainly North Americans who want to hear about sports in Israel or support an Israeli radio station, Israel Sports Radio is heard throughout Israel and the United States, as well as across the globe.

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If you think these were hot, stay tuned for next week’s special:

Valentines Day ‘True Life’ Edition – I Found Love on Career Israel.

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