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Job Description

  • Interns at Alfa have the following responsibilities. Let us know your preferences and we’ll try to put together work responsibilities that interest you!Post-Occupancy Research:
    Israel’s Green Building field is very young- there is little to no research on the effects of Green Building on building occupants (thermal comfort, productivity, etc) and utility expenditure (electricity and water, etc.). We have an opportunity to survey and analyze our completed and LEED certified projects to fill this gap – and to ensure that we continually improve our consulting and engineering services.

    USGBC Project Database Content:
    Many of Alfa’s projects are not detailed in the USGBC’s Project Database page, we want to insure that these projects are recognized both nationally and internationally as LEED certified.

    Website Content & Social Media Outreach:
    Alfa is in the process of putting together a new website. We want to include a “News” tab, with curated content on various projects and initiatives that we’re leading and involved with. This is a great opportunity to learn in depth Alfa’s projects and write public content.

    As a fast-growing company, we want to ensure that our social media outlets (Facebook & Linkedin) are up to speed with our progress. Goals here include reaching more followers and including regular “news” updates.

About Alfa Sustainable Projects LTD.

Alfa Sustainable Projects Ltd. is a dynamic and innovative sustainable design and engineering firm. We provide our clients with services based on proven building science. At Alfa, we aim to optimize client economic investment while maximizing occupant satisfaction and operational functionality.

In a reality of diminishing resources, we believe that sustainable design is the most intelligent and cost-effective building strategy. Our goal is to design innovative architectural features that create a more comfortable, healthy, and sustainable built environment at an attainable price point.

Alfa is at the forefront of many innovative projects throughout Israel and internationally. These projects are unique in the technology and vision they propose for a more sustainable future.

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