Job Description

Supporting the CTO with research into biomedical implications of the technology; reviewing advances in the space and their relevance to MobileODT’s efforts; Exploring additional possible directions for applying our technology.

About MobileODT

MobileODT will increase the effectiveness and efficiency of cervical screening by utilizing the significant advances in optical engineering and mobile computing of the past decade to provide clinicians with increased information through a colposcope familiar and comparable to existing technology. MobileODT’s proprietary colposcopy method will add a significant layer of specificity to colposcopy’s sensitivity through a multi-modal optical approach that will not increase the cost of the device. By building into the colposcope the capabilities of polarized light imaging and spectroscopy, the clinician will be able to overlay the image they are already trained to analyze with additional information, better identifying areas of interest, and better enabling them to discern between abnormalities and optical distortions. Then, using the capabilities of Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) the clinician will use low-coherence interferometry to image a sample cross-section below the tissue surface – providing a critical third dimension, which can better indicate whether to refer to biopsy. Finally, using the same technology most clinicians are used to using in their tablets and smartphones, clinicians will be able to refer to an atlas of images and compare their images to others, increasing their certainty of diagnosis.

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