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Job Description

Our intern will help one of Tel Aviv University’s leading psychologists study how political violence, terrorism and other crises affect the resilience of children, focusing on post traumatic stress and intervention models that positively affect children’s resilience.

Tasks awarded to the intern include research activities, interviewing, administering questionnaires, observation, coding data, videotaping sessions from a two way mirror between child and a psychologist and assisting with research papers.

*This internship requires a high level of Hebrew.

About Tel Aviv University

Situated in Israel’s cultural, financial and technological capital, TAU shares Tel Aviv’s unshakable spirit of openness and innovation – and boasts a campus life as dynamic and pluralistic as the metropolis itself. Tel Aviv the city and Tel Aviv the university are one and the same – a thriving Mediterranean center of diversity and discovery.

Consistently ranked in the top 20 in the world in terms of scientific citations and among the top 100 universities internationally, Tel Aviv University is also Israel’s first choice for students, and its graduates are the most sought after by Israeli companies. Global in outlook and impact, TAU advances teaching and research that break down the walls between disciplines, striving to address the twenty-first century’s most pressing challenges through bold, interdisciplinary solutions.

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