Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce

Job Description

The intern will be involved in international relations and promotion of Israeli businesses abroad via delegations, seminars, conferences and educational days regarding foreign markets, investing, as well as information about exhibitions. The main project of the intern will be to create new connections with the World Chamber of Commerce and expand business opportunities. In addition, the intern will expand e-trade platforms by doing case studies of companies using e-trade. Intern will be helping businesses to connect.

About Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce

The FICC was founded in 1919 as an independent and non-profit entity. It is the leading economic organization representing the trade and service sector, the largest sector in Israel. The FICC serves as roof organization to over 5000 businesses and organizations operating in more than 120 divisions which represent various economic branches including export, import, trade, real estate, financial and business services.

In the last decade, the FICC led several sectoral struggles:

  • The reduction of purchasing tax.
  • Abolishing import barriers and opening the market to competing imports.
  • Advocating policy changes in standardization requirements, reducing import barriers.
  • Petitioning against strikes initiated by employees of essential public services.
  • Succeeded to reduce corporate taxes.
  • Campaigning to reduce market monopoly.
  • Amendments and equality in the Tender Act Law, enabling more equal opportunities for SMEs.

The FICC is a roof organization of six regional Chambers of Commerce: Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, Beer Sheva, Eilat and Nazareth, each one representing their member’s interests in various official entities and providing consultancy to individual businesses.

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