Insait IO

Job Description

  • Be an integral part of our data science effort, from research to execution, mastering both data and ML challenges.
  • Define the data science roadmap and be responsible to achieve business goals.
  • Translate timelines and goals into realizable milestones
  • Manage and orchestrate between data, research, and execution.


About Insait IO

Insait, is a predictive analytics startup that created a no-code targeted campaigns platform based on data-driven insights for the financial sector (Fintech).

Insait is a B2B platform that deploys a SaaS machine-learning-based recommendations system automatically, identifying clients that are likely to churn, buy credit, or request a loan.
Insait operates across both private (on-prem) and public clouds.

With Insait, banks can increase their credit conversion rate by more than 10%, without the need for Data Scientists or expensive cloud contracts.

Existing solutions either target data scientists or require users to export their data to the public cloud, thus excluding otherwise significantly potential privacy concerned customers.

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