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Job Description

Does this describe you or someone you know?

  • Hustler – People know you as a go-getter and a self starter. You take initiative and like to take charge of your own destiny. You are outgoing, passionate, extremely motivated, and enthusiastic. Your ambition and optimism is fueled by a competitive drive.
  • Curious Learner – You teach yourself in many areas and have a passion for learning new things – specifically with the web and tech. You absorb everything you read and hear, and like to take action to apply what you’ve learned in the real world. You nerd out with knowledge and new skills!
  • Independent Fixer with Strong Attention to Detail – You have a ‘Rosh Gadol’, big picture mentality and solve problems creatively using analytical and critical thinking. You have a stubborn fix-it mentality and are geeky about data and accuracy.
  • Person who gets S#!% done – You are great at executing on a set of established tasks compiled yourself or by others. You can focus on the task at hand and blaze through several hours of outreach, writing a report, or auditing. You’re not scared of getting your hands dirty with a lot of implementation.
  • Strategic Planner with Flexibility – You have a knack for creating plans and accurate projections, but also can steer the campaign and course-correct with ease. Good improvisation skills.
  • Autonomous and a Team Player – Yeah… BOTH! The ability to wear many hats is crucial. You are humble and open-minded with veteran opinions, best practices, and team tasks. However, you manage and over-deliver on your own projects and initiatives.

About Kahena Digital Marketing

Kahena Digital Marketing is a young, innovative, full-service digital marketing agency based in Jerusalem. Located in a classic building that is the hub of the Jerusalem hi-tech startup scene, we pride ourselves as being an integral part of Jerusalem’s web community, and also has close partnerships with companies in Tel Aviv, London, New York, Washington D.C, and Los Angeles.  We specialize in SEO, paid search marketing, web analytics, reputation management and social media, and have an ever-growing waiting list of excited clients, both in Israel and overseas.

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