Reuth Medical Center

Job Description

Main tasks include:

  • Wheeling patients from one place to another
  • Changing bed sheets
  • Feeding the patients
  • In between transporting participants, they can observe treatments (physical therapy, occupational therapy etc)
  • May be an option of doing marketing/working on website
  • May be an option of doing research in their main offices on Margolin Street
  • May be option of working one on one with a doctor

About Reuth Medical Center

As one of Israels largest rehabilitation and chronic care centers, Reuth Medical Center (RMC) has tended to the needs of the Israeli population since it was founded in 1961. The state of the art medical center located in Tel Aviv houses over 350 patients. RMC serves many children and adults, soldiers and victims of terror and helps them regain their quality of life and function to their fullest capacity. In addition to the highest level of medical and nursing care, at the RMC each patient receives an individualized care program including, psychology sessions, speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, music therapy and even gardening therapy among others.

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