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Ethiopian National Project

Job Description

Internship possibilities in a number of departments!

  • Journalist/ Story Gatherer: Visit local immigrants and organization run projects and collect stories of the impact being made in the field through these programs. Take what you see and learn and spread the word to the North American Jewish community and global Jewry about this important work, as you experience it first hand. Your stories will published in various media and utilized in Federation reports. Best for talented writers. Double bonus: can be the “right hand person” of an ENP field coordinator, and use opportunity to learn Amharic/help young professionals practice English.
  • Creative Media: Write a blog, put together an e-newsletter, keep ENP’s Facebook page and tweet current events, launch virtual fundraising campaigns, explore new technologies and use your know-how to see how ENP can utilize social media to get the word out!
  • Grant and Report Writer: Learn the important skill of resource development as you assist ENP in its fundraising efforts.
  • Tutors/Teachers: Teach English or other subjects to youth. Or help to improve spoken English skills of young Ethiopian-Israeli professionals.
  • Youth Work: Volunteer in Youth Outreach Centers and teach special skills (computers, photography, art, drama, etc — any skills welcome!) to Ethiopian-Israeli teenagers. Teach them skills to help them integrate into Israeli society!

About Ethiopian National Project

The Ethiopian National Project unites in partnership representatives of Ethiopian Jewish community organizations with global supporters and the Israeli government, and takes action to ensure the Ethiopian population in Israel reaches its full potential.

ENP’s comprehensive programs aim to advance the scholastic achievements of youth and empower the Ethiopian immigrant community in Israel to lead this work. ENP’s programs include after-school scholastic assistance programs, outreach centers for youth, and educational workshops designed to empower parents and community lay leadership. ENP is currently operating in 28 locations throughout Israel, with some 4,400 youth in its programs.

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