El HaLev

Job Description

This internship is for female candidates only. This is due to the gender sensitivity of many of our students. The main task of this internship is to assist in conducting martial arts and self-defense training. The intern will be allowed to design lesson plans with the instructor and get leadership training in El HaLev’s particular method of empowerment-based self-defense. The intern will be given the opportunity to work with children, teens and women. Other responsibilities include maintaining a public blog of their experience and assisting in social media updates.

About El HaLev

El Halev, which means “To The Heart”, is a Jerusalem-based nonprofit NGO dedicated to individual empowerment and social change through martial arts and self-defense. Founded in 2003, El HaLev has touched the lives of over 35,000 women, teens, children, seniors and people with special needs, and is sowing a new generation of leaders in violence prevention. El HaLev works with students from all ages, ethnicities, religions, and physical capabilities. The organization’s headquarters in Jerusalem hosts ongoing classes and workshops, while El HaLev instructors travel throughout Israel, bringing their uniquely empowering and engaging programs to wherever they are needed.

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