Medical Clinic for African Refugees - Migrant Health:IL

Medical Clinic for African Refugees


Tel Aviv

Job Description

Interns will get the opportunity to work in reception at the clinic, placing patients with the right doctors and learning about their back-office system. Interns will also work in development by building the health education and awareness programs such as healthy eating or unwanted pregnancy prevention.

About Migrant Health:IL

MigrantHealth:IL is an umbrella organization for harnessing low-cost and effective innovation to improve the health of the migrant community in Israel. ​MigrantHealth:IL coordinates and implements practical community-based healthcare solutions for marginalized communities in Israel. MigrantHealth:IL creates a comprehensive network for collaboration between community-based organizations, hospitals and governmental bodies working to address the health needs of the migrant communities in Israel. It focuses on increasing patient awareness of available resources and improving health literacy, overcoming language and cultural barriers, coordinating care between providers, ensuring follow-up, and reducing the overwhelming demand on local hospitals and clinics.

​Who interned here?

Melinda Paule

melinda paule 1Read about Melinda’s experience here.

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