Eritrean Women's Community Center

Job Description

Fundraising for the center, event planning for the women and kids and volunteer coordinator: Increase number of active volunteers at the EWCC. -Strengthen retention and satisfaction of existing volunteers.
Intern Responsibilities:
• First point of contact for new volunteer inquiries. •Maintain communication with existing volunteers (via email, whatsapp and other social media platforms) to ensure retention and active involvement.
• Maintain records of volunteers, including contact info and availability.
• Facilitate training workshops as needed.
• Conduct new volunteer recruitment as needed.
• Additional tasks and short-term projects as needed.


About Eritrean Women's Community Center

The Eritrean Women’s Community Center (EWCC) is a grassroots initiative in Tel Aviv, the only one of its kind in Israel, developed and run by asylum seeking women from Eritrea. The EWCC provides Eritrean women with a safe environment where they can
access support and information in their own language. It offers structured programming, including classes in English, computer literacy, women’s health and vocational training, and individual services and support for women.

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