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Bishvilaych is the first and only nonprofit organization in Israel focused on prevention-based medical care and health promotion for Jewish women. It primarily serves the ultra-Orthodox community.

Bishvilaych (Hebrew: feminine form of “for you”) was established in 2004 by Sara Siemiatycki.

As director of a Jerusalem-based medical facility and community health advocate, Ms. Siemiatycki was struck by women’s overwhelming lack of information, anxiety, and sense of isolation surrounding health issues. Further investigation pointed to a serious discrepancy in health outcomes for women throughout Israel, with particularly low indicators for religious women.

Ms. Siemiatycki recruited Dr. Diana Flescher, a longtime activist in women’s health issues to address this gender gap and together, they opened the first and only prevention-based non-profit organization for women’s health in Israel.

Bishvilaych’s programs focus on providing underprivileged women and girls in Israel with the confidence and skills to become active participants in their health, challenging the traditional paternalistic approach to health care.

About Bishvilaych

This is a great opportunity for interns who want to do behind the scenes public health work. The intern could help with research, social media, putting together the newsletters, donor research, grant writing, etc.

It is important to note that the intern will not work directly with the women. Also, as the internship is oriented for the ultra-Orthodox community, the intern may feel more comfortable dressing more modestly in the office.

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