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The internship offers prospective applicants the opportunity to learn the foundations of nonprofit fundraising and gain a competitive edge in the nonprofit field all while helping Israel’s most impoverished receive vital educational and social services.

While he/she will primarily work on researching new potential donor foundations and drafting letters of inquiry, the intern will be immersed in all aspects of the Jaffa Institute’s development program, including composing newsletters, updating the Institute’s website, and hosting donors on site visits.

Intern will also have the chance to work with the girls directly.

About Jaffa Institute

The Jaffa Institute’s mission is to help impoverished children and youth to realize their full potential. In addition to providing educational enrichment programs, the Institute supports the physical and emotional welfare of the children as they transition through the years. Our programs offer a holistic therapeutic approach, providing tools that allow each child to develop and flourish in their own individual way. From food and tutoring assistance to emotional counseling, art therapies and preventative health care, we provide the necessary elements for a safe and secure childhood.

The number of at-risk girls in Israel between the ages of 14-18 awaiting placement outside of their homes is increasing rapidly. These girls are unable to remain in their current living conditions due to serious physical, sexual and emotional abuse. Tragically, Israel’s epidemic of ‘teenage girls on the streets’ grabs few headlines and is viewed as a low-priority for government funding. This translates into exhausted state-run facilities with no financial means to expand services as well as an inability to enact creative therapeutic and educational programs specifically targeted to individual needs.

In 2006 the Jaffa Institute opened the Beit Ruth Hostel; an ambitious initiative designed to support the unique needs of at-risk teenage girls between the ages of 14 and 24, who are referred to the Hostel by the Department of Welfare and Social Services.

Who interned here?

Samantha Fine

The Jaffa Institute is also seeking interns to teach Englishapply here.

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