Maverick Ventures

Job Description

We feel the best way for someone to learn about investing in startups is to sit on both sides of the table. So we split time between the fund and some of the startups we work with.

For the fund, the intern would sit in on presentations, help with due diligence and financial analysis of the company, and sit in on company meetings where we decide who to invest in and which term sheet terms to offer.

In working with the startups (many are in the same office), there are a variety of tasks to fill depending on the company and the skill set of the intern. This could be anything from managing the Google marketing spend to reaching out to potential customers.

About Maverick Ventures

Maverick Ventures was founded by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Maverick was inspired by the Hebrew word meaning ‘to spark’, we see ourselves as the catalyst to take leading technology start-up companies to the next level. We provide financial and operational support, backed by hand-picked individual investors from around the world, who are interested in the success of innovative Israeli companies.

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