Israel as a Start-Up Nation

Israel is THE start-up nation of the world. This is not an opinion, this is a fact and it almost overshadows the world-renowned food scene, pristine coastline, and almost year-round blue skies. Almost. Entrepreneurship is in Israelis’ DNA.  After finishing their military service many Israelis venture out into the ‘real world’. Hundreds join Venture Capital firms and thousands go into start-ups that are popping up like mushrooms after the rain. They flock to Silicon Wadi, a local spin on San Francisco’s Silicon Valley. These start-ups seek grants to kick-start their business. This alone should be enough for you to book a one-way ticket to Israel. 

In 2018, Israeli tech start-ups raised over $5 billion in Venture Capital and in 2017 there were company acquisitions by Snapchat, Apple, and Intel. Mobileye, an Israeli start-up was acquired by Intel for $15.3 billion, an unprecedented amount.  The local and global media has a field day when it comes to news and updates about Israel’s accomplishments as giants like Forbes, TechCrunch, and WIRED regularly publish new rankings of Israel’s illustrious companies on the verge of mega success.  Of course, this results in more jobs, for Americans in Israel.

Other players interested in Israel as a powerhouse of technology and entrepreneurship are major Chinese and Japanese investors hunting for creativity. The idea of ‘this can’t be done’ is a mere hurdle in the process of overcoming adversity.  You always try to find ways to improve and even if there is a failure, you rise up and continue, words from the founder of Papaya Global, a Tel Aviv company automating international payroll management and companies’ workforce.

A Start-Up Formula Designed in Israel

Despite their small population of only 8.5 million people, Israel has developed more high-tech start-ups than most developed countries surpassed only by the US. It looks like it found a formula for its success and is a now a start-up nation.

Silicon Wadi (‘Wadi’ means valley in Arabic) is centrally located, not far from Tel Aviv, grouping companies in the high-tech industry.   Providing infrastructure and the right framework for companies such as Facebook, HP, Google, and others, to utilized local Israeli talent in there Israeli based branches. Lots of these companies base their R&D and strategy departments in Israel

Start-ups in Israel are supported by grants, helping top Israeli interns succeed and flourish.  Through this, there are a lot of possibilities for Americans. If you come from overseas and develop the right qualifications you will surely find the job of your choice. 

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