Israel is a great location to live like a local if you are looking for a bilingual country where you can immerse yourself into a new language and still feel comfortable while being able to fall back to your native English tongue. 

Most importantly, English as a language and you as a person with insight into international cultures will be an asset to any company and your future endeavors.  

Israel is home to a variety of languages: Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, Amharic, and French to name a few. However, everyone’s common and most important, the denominator is English. English is taught in schools from a very young age and nowadays the effortless exposure to online media and accessible travel allows native Israelis to feel more comfortable with English as a second language. 

In the Israeli business world where the goal is to branch out across borders and create an international environment, English is imperative. From online correspondence, official documents, and even professional or personal conversation, the office is expected to use English as the utilized language. This is primarily the case in the technology and innovation arenas, though in other sectors English is widely accepted and used. Here is where you come in – A native English speaker who can contribute to the work environment by helping others in the company understand other cultures and mentalities.

Aside from English being part of Israel’s culture, many times it is preferred as a mother tongue among job candidates. Many Israeli startups want to make a name for themselves, especially at the focal points of business – New York, California, London, and other major business-centered cities. They want to make sure they present themselves professionally, not only on the merits of their work, services, and products but also by the daily nuances used when discussing strategies, plans, and even casual dialogue. 

The combination of a native English speaker with an overseas education is something Israeli companies welcome, making it easier to become acclimated. As a native speaker, you will be able to feel comfortable speaking your native language in the office and on the street in Israel. 


Utilize this magical time and immerse yourself into a new and different culture, enjoy the great weather, the ease of travel. Explore the sites of this exciting country and see how you will grow with the new opportunities presented to you through a well-placed internship with Career Israel.


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