I’m an entrepreneur from the San Francisco Bay Area. I graduated from UC Berkeley in 2009, and ran my business for two additional years after college before selling it and heading off to travel and gain outside experience. I planned to come to Israel because I was set to begin an MBA program (though I didn’t yet know where), and wanted to spend time here, improve my Hebrew, and gain inside knowledge on the venture capital industry. I knew that this knowledge would serve me when I went to start my next company, which will surely require venture capital given my fields of interest (tech, mobile, social).

Shana, my internship coordinator at Career Israel, worked so hard to get me a meaningful and impressive internship.  I landed at Rhodium, a highly-connected and respected private investment firm in the heart of Hertzliyah Pituach. Here I had a ton of incredible experiences and lessons from the motivated and highly-accomplished staff. One special moment that stands out was when I was assigned to think of names for one of the companies Rhodium had invested in. Though they had been churning on the idea for quite some time, I was very proud when they chose my name for the company – after only a few days of working on possible solutions.

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