Deciding to intern in Israel with Career Israel is one of the best decisions you are going to make: you will gain hands-on work experience, you will get to know a new country and culture, and on your time off, and you get a fair amount off, you get to travel and explore the country.
What else can you ask for, or, for that matter, fit into such a busy schedule?

Well, it turns out you can add one more thing to the list that will ‘turn it up a notch’ as Chef Emerill is known for saying. Learn Hebrew.

You’re probably thinking ‘Can I fit this too into my schedule?!’ Yes, you can!
While Career Israel focuses primarily on creating the right fit between employee and employer and jobs for Americans in Israel, it also takes care of your experience outside of work. This includes accommodations, sightseeing, travel, and language classes in order for you to make the most out of your international travel – we believe in both business and pleasure.

Learning Hebrew as you live and work in Israel has its advantages:

Beginning with the basics. Just knowing a couple of keywords will take you a long way in the street or at the workplace.
Living and working in Israel will afford you many opportunities to practice your acquired Hebrew skills. Whether at work or while strolling through the city, listening to the radio or just picking up snippets of conversation at the office, You will be surrounded by Hebrew.
Getting to know the locals and culture will be easier and you will be more approachable to Israelis.
You’ll be able to start conversations, answer questions and feel like one of the gangs, with an appealing foreign accent.
You will gain more independence when scouting Israel: reading signs, shopping and getting lost (on purpose).
You’ll feel more confident getting on buses, taking a cab, renting a car or riding a bike throughout the city.
Ordering and trying new foods when you understand what’s on the menu. Israeli food is great but not always straightforward.
Check out the dish’s components and taste a variety of dishes you have not tried before.
Water cooler conversations will be more interesting. Just think about the office gossip you can now pick up, not that we encourage that 🙂

Here are a couple of words that will help you on day one:

As a Career Israel participant, you will not only get a great placement in leading companies in Israel that will match your skills and abilities you will also learn basic Hebrew to help enhance your experience throughout your internship in Israel.
There’s nothing like sitting down in your favorite Hummus spot and surprising the waiter with your full order in Hebrew. Be-Hatz-Lacha! (Good luck)

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