Let’s talk about the facts for a minute, Israel’s LGBTQ citizens have all legal rights

  1. Adoption by same-sex couples
  2. Prohibition on employment discrimination
  3. Civic recognition of marriage equality

Israel is known as the ‘Gay Capital of the Middle East’ and participants of Israel Experience should be aware of this as part of the local culture and way of life. This fact of Tel Aviv, ranked by different travel and cultural magazines, as the number one gay city in the world attracts tourist and is a major destination for interns with Israel Experience or with Career Israel.

Each year Tel Aviv hosts the Pride Parade. In 2019, 250,000 people attended – both locals and tourists. A whole month is dedicated to Gay Pride where restaurants, parks, and clubs have special events to celebrate and accommodate the LGBTQ crowds.

A little more about how gay lifestyle is part of Israel’s mainstream:

The first public gay wedding in Israel between a man and a transgender woman was celebrated across the nation. Also, popular TV and film personalities portray LGBTQ lifestyles across different mediums.

LGBTQ and Jerusalem
Jerusalem is a city with a mix of cultures from ultra-orthodox to secular populations of Jews, Muslims, and Christians. Each holds strong views of LGBTQ and is home to conventional religious tendencies.
Jerusalem is home to the popularly known ‘Jerusalem Open House for Pride and Tolerance’ with over 200 volunteers in 22 cities across Israel. The ‘Jerusalem Open House for Pride and Tolerance’ works together with Israel’s Gay Youth (IGY) communities, Aguda and Hoshen to help fight LGBTQ discrimination.

The Jerusalem Pride Parade (hosted yearly) can be a fun and interesting activity during your Israel Experience program.

Pride Week In Israel
Once a year for a full week, Israel celebrates its gay community with Pride Week. Unique festivities, activities, lectures, and performances take place all supporting tolerance, acceptance, and fun. The highlight of the week is the Pride Parade with over 250,000 people attending. The participants fly in from all over the world to join the local crowd. Israel Experience brings in groups affiliated with LGBTQ as well. When you come on your Israel Experience, you can participant in Pride Week and have fun!

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