Career Israelite Alex Zaprudsky sure knows how to capture flavor in these incredible photos he took during his internship with EatWith. Check out the photos below and read his testimonial of this fantastic internship.


“Last January, I decided I wanted to experience what it was like to actually live in Israel. After participating in the euphoric ten days I spent in the country during my Taglit-Birthright trip, the day after I returned home I visited the website on a small card I received from the Career Israel meeting on the last night of my trip. The next day, I sent in my deposit and was on my way to Tel Aviv for the five-month program.

Seven months later, my plane was touching down at Ben Gurion Airport and I was about to embark on one of the wildest journeys of my life. I was going to be living in Israel. It’s amazing how close friends can become when living in close quarters. Over the course of the five-day orientation in Jerusalem, I already made lifelong friends and got to know my fellow “Career Israelites” on a very personal level. This is something I had not experienced before in my life and was very glad it happened.

As an avid cook at home, I was kind of nervous about the kitchen “facilities” in my apartment. What could I possibly make on a hotplate? It turns out, a lot. I started a project during Career Israel called #mycrapkitchen which challenged me to make the most “gourmet” meals using only my hotplate, microwave, and kum-kum. It turned out that with a little creativity, inspiration, and delicious ingredients it was possible to create five-star, multi-course meals from my humble culinary space. I managed to crank out dishes including watermelon-arugula salad with balsamic reduction and feta cheese, steak and roasted potatoes, Italian chicken meatballs, potato paprikas, and chicken Parmesan. I also discovered that many of my Career Israel cohorts love to cook as much as I do which allowed me to collaborate meals and eat with my friends.

But, Career Israel isn’t only about making friends. As the name implies, I chose this program to get some career experience. My internship coordinator, Mara, was extremely patient and helpful throughout the entire process of my internship placement. I wanted to work with food. I wanted to live in Tel Aviv. And I didn’t want to be sitting behind a desk all day. Mara got me in touch with one of Tel Aviv’s newest (and quickly becoming most successful—it was named as one of Israel’s Top 20 Startups by startups, EatWith. EatWith is a company which connects people from all over the world with hosts at their homes to have an authentic, local meal. I was able to express my creativity, meet new people, hone my marketing and communication skills, and travel around Israel to photograph and EatWith people in their homes. There is truly no better way to learn about a culture or country than diving in head first.”

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