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Company Description: Keepod is a $7 PC to connect the 5 billion people, 70% of the world’s population, to personal computing and the internet who don’t have access yet. We are a social impact business, focusing on the empowerment of low income communities all over the world, enabling them to gain access to personal computing and most recent technologies.
Internship Description: We are seeking an intern motivated to take responsibility and contribute ideas in order to develop an entire business area. As a business development intern, you build and foster relations with Keepod’s key partners and serve as the contact person for internal and external stakeholders. With this role, you will have the opportunity to to play a significant role in Keepod’s distribution and potentially manage your own sales channel, all with the goal of providing personal computing access to billions of people in need.


Company Description: Snapp is a mobile platforms that allows every user to build, manage and publish his app from the smartphone, with no technological knowledge needed.  We are targeting 2 billion new users in developing markets.
Internship Description: As a Marketing Associate you will be working closely with Snapp Management Team and with our highly talented and experienced Marketing Team. You will be learning and experiencing in first person the magic of online acquisition through the main channels available in the market. You will be responsible for projects and analysis enhancing the engagement with our current users and gathering precious insights for the rest of the organisation.


Company Description: Roundforest is an internet-technology company developing and managing various online products and platforms in the field of ecommerce, retail, travel and shopping. Today we have over 1M monthly unique visitor on our site. Our main market is the US but we are also active in other global markets such as: UK, Germany and Japan. Roundforest founders left Google and Intel, with a vision to help consumers worldwide to make smart decisions. We are a young and fast growing company which tackles big obstacles daily while managing to also have fun. We hire only the best people to join our team, who are highly passionate and motivated about initiating a change, getting things done and making a personal impact. Our office is located in the beating heart of the Start-Up Nation – Rothschild Boulevard in the center of Tel-Aviv. It’s important to us that our people have an amazing work environment therefore, we’re proud to settle into our beautiful new office.

Internship Description: We’re looking for an eager intern who is going to work with us on a wide range of tasks, including but not limited to:
– Social media marketing
– Viral marketing strategy development
– Business development projects
– User experience testing
– Writing for blog &
– Internet research
Based on your profile and preferences we will jointly agree on the tasks you are going to perform. It is essential for us that you enjoy them and acquire vital knowledge and skills in the process which are going to benefit you in your future. You will be working closely with the founders of Roundforest and therefore get a deep insight into the daily life of a startup, its opportunities and challenges. It is a fantastic opportunity to join a startup with a strong vision in its early days and take part in a team which is determined to make that vision a reality.
You’ll have the chance to join a fast growing company, already making a huge impact on over a million users worldwide. You’ll get to work closely with the founders and will have versatile responsibilities. We’re looking for people who have an unusual blend of passion, dedication, and energy. They are creative and insightful problem solvers, they enjoy working in teams, they have an entrepreneurial spirit, and they are interesting people beyond the office. If you carry all that – you’ll get many opportunities to perform accordingly.


Company Description: Assistant takes care of your tasks, so you can spend time on the things that matter. Keep your tasks, lists and reminders in one place, always in-sync across all your devices. Plan your day, week, month, and life. Beautifully designed to help your rock your day, everyday.

Internship Description: This role offers a unique opportunity to work on the forefront of online marketing. As the Online Marketing Manager in a mobile startup, you’ll define and execute marketing strategies and tactics for our product. You will develop compelling positioning for the product, manage feature launches and lead social media and online presence strategy. This position provides a wide range of marketing experiences including product marketing, research, thought leadership, PR and events planning. You will be guiding and coordinating marketing and launch activities across several countries, departments and functions.
Be part of the start-up that is frequently ranked as one of Israel’s top start-ups:


Company Description: Autodesk Israel is one of the main R&D centers for mobile in Autodesk. In Autodesk Israel we develop mobile applications for Architects, Engineers, Interior Designers and more. Among our applications you can find AutoCAD WS for example with over 11M downloads in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Internship Description: The internship will include leading one of our R&D projects in the mobile space. We have several exciting new projects that you can adopt. Your role would be to lead that assignment starting at the overall design and on to the actual development. You will be given an assignment and an instructor to help and guide you.


Company Description: Chosen is a stealth start-up which focuses on video streaming and a wider range of performing arts beyond music.

Internship Description: Study coding languages and which ones are right for the job, read code, learn developing principles and discern a developer’s value.We use cutting edge technology. Work with mobile developing, UI/UX coding in: Objective C, C++, PhP, Google app engine and more.


Company Description: Splacer is a team of passionate architects and creative minds who strongly believe we can change the way we use spaces. We bring together creative people owning unique spaces with people who are looking to create event experiences such as meetings, workshops, parties, exhibitions and pop-up stores.

Internship Description: The intern will be in the core of the marketing process. They will be executing marketing research that will be applied to the main strategy. Tasks may include- seeking for spaces to upload on our site, finding good marketing platforms, website maintenance (working with the website’s back office) etc.


Company Description: I Know First is a financial services firm that utilizes an advanced self-learning algorithm to analyze, model and predict the stock market. The algorithm outputs a predicted trend as a number, which in turn, is used by traders to identify when to enter and exit the market.

Internship Description: Immerse yourself in the world of analyzing financial markets and algorithmic performance.  First you will be taught how to analyze the algorithm and how to post the algorithmic performance online via each channel.  Then, you will be expected to do in-depth research and analysis for articles that will be posted on financial publication websites (with your name on the article) for our analytical branch, I Know First Research. Also, you will write relevant financial content for our various websites.


Company Description: MobileODT will increase the effectiveness and efficiency of cervical screening by utilizing the significant advances in optical engineering and mobile computing of the past decade to provide clinicians with increased information through a colposcope familiar and comparable to existing technology. MobileODT’s proprietary colposcopy method will add a significant layer of specificity to colposcopy’s sensitivity through a multi-modal optical approach that will not increase the cost of the device. By building into the colposcope the capabilities of polarized light imaging and spectroscopy, the clinician will be able to overlay the image they are already trained to analyze with additional information, better identifying areas of interest, and better enabling them to discern between abnormalities and optical distortions. Then, using the capabilities of Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) the clinician will use low-coherence interferometry to image a sample cross-section below the tissue surface – providing a critical third dimension, which can better indicate whether to refer to biopsy. Finally, using the same technology most clinicians are used to using in their tablets and smartphones, clinicians will be able to refer to an atlas of images and compare their images to others, increasing their certainty of diagnosis.

Job Description: Supporting the CEO in research about competitors, comparatives and potential clients and markets.


Company Description: Voiceitt develops a revolutionary patent pending solution that will enable speech impairments to naturally communicate with anyone using their own voice, translating their distorted pronunciation to understandable speech. VoiceItt invites you to join the team, taking on an important role in a venture that will dramatically improve the quality of life of millions of people with severe disabilities

Internship Description: Responsibilities include meeting with speech disabilities and recording their voice samples, managing crowd-funding campaigns, blogging, applying for governmental and social funding, assisting in creating business plans and strategy and managing the supportive community.


Company Description: Applicaster helps content owners, broadcaster, cable companies and mobile operators of all sizes deliver innovative and profitable mobile broadcast experiences. from live & on demand video with endless interactive overlays, through 2nd screen, synchronized & social experiences, to brilliant mobile apps that may function in all connectivity environments.

Job Description: As the HR Intern your responsibilies will include:

– Recruitment tasks: posting jobs, reviewing CVs, primary contact with candidates
– Welfare activities: thinking of nice activities to organise inside and outside the office, make them happen, PR it internally
– Internal processes: assisting in big HR project across the company
Company Description: Playbuzz is a digital content platform that provides publishers, brands and content creators with interactive and highly engaging content formats to populate with their own content and then share with their audiences (in-article and on their social pages). Playbuzz’s partner portfolio spans across multiple regions (US, UK, Spain/Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Africa) and verticals (sports, music, entertainment, finance, retail and news). Partners include some of the world’s biggest publishers and brands, including: HBO, CNN, Time, MTV, FOX Sports, The Independent, NFL, MLB and more.
Job Description: PlayBuzz is looking for a talented, witty, funny content author. Check out the lists, polls, quizzes and other stuff going on These materials were written by creative authors. If you are also immersed in pop culture, have experience in, or passion for, writing, and are intrigued by researching new topics and coming up with creative ideas, we have a place that will let your imagination run wild, and reach millions of readers. We are not just writing promotional content for SEO purposes, we are creating the kind of content that makes millions of our users share it on social networks. As a content author at PlayBuzz you will conceive new ideas for viral content items, author great items under guidance and help from our editorial team, work with world class publishers on improving and editing the items that they wrote and help us make one of the fastest growing websites on the web even more viral and relevant.
Company Description: Delicious Israel’s personalized walking, travel and cooking tours introduce traveling foodies and culture-seekers to authentic Israeli lifestyle. On our tantalizingly tasty adventures, we hear from the brothers running a third-generation Turkish family-owned deli on Levinsky Street, we taste shakshuka at a private Yemenite home nestled next to Shuk HaCarmel, and we learn about the origins of different spices from the immigrants who brought them to Israel. We introduce travelers to Israel at its purest: Israel freshly squeezed. Israel newly baked. Israel raw.
Job Description: The intern would be responsible for strategy and execution of a social media and marketing plan to target potential audiences for Delicious Israel’s goals and products. Tasks may include:- Updating blog with relevant food-related and industry news – Visiting food locations and maintaining communications with local vendors- Tech/app related research and development- Outreach and marketing communications to potential clients- Information gathering from internet and media sources
Company Description: Wibbitz is a technology startup aiming to change the way we consume information on mobile devices. Wibbitz automatically re-packages textual content into rich and informative video summaries that can be watched conveniently on mobile screens, at home or on the go. We are a very cool and young startup located in the heart of TLV.
Internship Description: We are looking for talented and highly motivated QA intern. He / She will have a key impact on Wibbitz’s innovative technology, which is used by customers all around the world. The QA Analyst will have a great opportunity to improve his / hers skills and learn from the strong, dynamic and very fun team of ours.
He / she will be responsible to insure our products quality and will deal with mobile and web testing.
Company Description: All My Faves is a unique and innovative Internet gateway, offering a visual (logo based) Web navigation and discovery portal. Its underlining concept is providing users with an easy, effective and intuitive service –free of charge- for accessing the top websites in each listed category. The logo listing makes this technology ideal for current and future touch screen technology and mobile devices.

Internship Description: The Marketing & Research Assistant Internship is an exciting way for eager English and/or non-English native speaker interns to discover and master the hidden marvels of the Web. Although we’re very serious about our website and its various projects, we maintain an easy-going and playful atmosphere at the office to make sure everyone is enjoying their work (we love listening to music, sharing interesting videos with each other, and playing the wii every now and then).

Company Description: MyQuest help people achieve their personal goals, whether it’s losing weight, finding love, running a 5K, or many more. Our platform provides experts and influencers with tools for creating real life quests.  It’s a new kind of interactive online program powered by game-like mechanics and tools for community engagement. Our users, many of whom are the first quest participants, are already reporting success rates 3 times higher than industry standards And as for the experts, it’s a turnkey solution to deliver their processes online and turn thousands and millions of followers into clients.
Internship Description: Can you help us share this revolution with the world? If you have a passion for online marketing and growth hack and you are super talented, we really want to meet you!
Implement the digital marketing strategy for MyQuest U.S. to reach as many users as possible – customer segmentation and targeting; messaging; channel strategy; cost-benefit analysis; etc.; Track and own KPIs around this role’s twin goals of (1) brand awareness and (2) top-of-the-funnel customer acquisition;
Design creative and compelling marketing campaigns and adverts; Execute paid search, display/retargeting ads, and SEO; Perform A/B testing to identify and execute site optimization to increase sales; Develop and share daily MyQuest’s content, measure results, and draw insights to help grow and optimize for the future; Generate two-way conversation and respond to social media commentary as appropriate.
Company Description: Preen.Me is the next generation marketing platform, helping brands use customer voices to tell brand stories, we drive content and conversation on a massive scale for Estee Lauder, Coty and LVMH brands.
Internship Description: Through our activities we gather tons of cool data. The work includes; coming up with interesting questions, preparing reports, building and working with BI dashboards and helping promote the business with BI.
Company Description: assists with creating video content. Forget the needless mystery and headaches involved in video production. Producing video content for your next marketing campaign should be fast, easy and even enjoyable.
Internship Description: Content management – from writing blogs to manage our online marketing efforts.
Community management – will require out of the box thinking about how to engage our community.
Business development & Sales – help creatively bring aboard more clients and create more collaborations and partnerships
Company Description: TrenDemon is the leading Content Marketing Insights & Optimization platform that helps marketers understand the impact of content on their business goals and automatically increase their ROI. Among our paying customers are Microsoft, IBM, FINRA, Fiverr, Payoneer, Checkpoint, Sapiens, Amdocs, Nice, Outbrain, Taboola and many more.
As a small but fast growing startup, working with us at TrenDemon provides a unique opportunity to get hands on experience in the startup and online marketing world, working with experienced professionals in their space.
Internship Description: The intern will work closely with leading professionals in a fast paced technology startup. As marketing manager, the intern will be in charge of the company’s online marketing activities, blog, campaigns, seo, etc. As a leading marketing technology company, the intern will get exposed to the latest technologies in the space, working closely with product and sales.
Company Description: Kipod Toys is an Israeli Toy brand located in Jaffa(Tel aviv) next to the flea market ( a place of artists and designers )
We specialize in the design of creative wooden toys and DIY kits for kids at age 4+, all made and designed with high quality wood, all original ideas and design that we developed with many children focus groups, all developed and designed by the owner and founder of Kipod Toys- Alex Khaykin( Industrial designer and toy inventor), we like to focus our products on developing creativity, Imagination and fine motor skills for kids, while having fun playing high quality toys.
Currently we are selling our products in Israel, Czech republic, Japan and soon in USA
Our products are suitable for the premium/specialty market, therefore we are selling in Museums (Tel aviv, jerusalem etc), gifts galleries, and boutique toy shops.
Internship Description: *Different graphic design tasks such as packaging design, Assembly instruction design, banners, exhibitions etc
** Industrial Designer- Designing toys with our main designer (Alex Khaykin)-
product design, production adjustment etc
Company Description: Amaizz is an Agritech startup creating post harvest solution in order to combat post-harvest losses among farmers in developing countries. Amaizz has developed its first product, a drying, disinfecting & storage facility for various grains, mainly Maize. Amaize has been granted the “Grand challenge Israel” and is supported by the Israeli chief scientist. Come and join our mission – “Save Food Save Lives”.
Internship Description:If you are looking for a significant internship, a chance to be a part of an impactful venture dealing with food security for farmers in the developing world, Amaizz is the place for you.
We offer the opportunity to experience a dynamic position, explore Israel and visit its rural areas as part of our pilot and business development process.
The intern will be a coherent part of the company’s business development and pilot operation. On top of that, he/she will oversee the company’s media activity: update website, build & manage social media platforms and will be responsible of grants & challenges applications.
Company Description: Trench is a fashion-tech, award winning, growing startup. Voted by TheMarker as a top six most promising Israeli startup of 2016, won 3rd place in the global G-Startup competition this month, and has also been featured on Lifehack.
Trench is a startup that aims to revolutionize the current economy for fashion by making it sustainable and more accessible. Trench is a social network platform clothing exchange; built around a virtual, fashion-specific currency, called “Diamonds”.
Internship Description: Help create an overall strategy for marketing the brand.
Working on business development marketing with the Marketing Director, creating marketing materials for the company, monitor market trends, research consumer markets and competitors’ activities to identify opportunities and key issues. Engagement with users in our social media platforms. Support the product team and work on customer support solutions. Plan, host, market and attend community events.
Company Description: WalkMe™ provides a cloud-based service designed to help professionals – customer service managers, user experience managers, training professionals, SaaS providers and sales managers – to guide and engage prospects, customers, employees and partners through any online experience. We’ve designed a platform which helps businesses eliminate online confusion, while at the same time raise efficiency and reduce costs.
Internship Description: Work along side the Marketing team in the following Content & Social Media responsibilities:
-Creating unique content and messaging (in blog posts and other content forms)
-Develop compelling content that inspires and moves prospects into action.
-Collaborate and edit content developed by freelancers and contractors.
-Interpret large amounts of information and distill into powerful content for various stakeholders
Social Media
-Deployment of content across key channels, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Slideshare, Facebook, YouTube and Google+.
-Build social media relationships with influencers in the relevant markets
–Write, edit and prepare blog posts
Company Description: OnlinePianist is a one of a kind animated piano tutorial & the only piano application which enables its users to fully control over his/her learning experience. Our family includes half a million monthly pianists from all over the world.
Internship Description:
1. PR, Marketing & Content Specialist – Social Media, SEO, PPC, Content Marketing, Translation of the site to new markets (Spanish, French, German, Russian, Chinese & more(.
2. Piano Player – Song recordings, Educational features development.
3. Web Programmer – Development and maintenance of company website (PHP, Javascript, jQuery, html, css, Mysql DB).
4. Web Designer – Development and maintenance of company website (PHP and MySQL), Create web images.

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