‘Culture’ and ‘Tel Aviv’ are virtually synonyms in Israel. This city envelops such a unique atmosphere that welcomes all forms of people, art, food, in short – life. Big influencers in this whirlwind of a city are the Museums in Tel Aviv. History, art, transportation, toys, religion, and science are just a few of the things you will see when visiting the large variety of museums Tel Aviv has to offer. Their sizes range from small one-room gallery hideaways to sprawling multi-campus sites. Many of these hold jobs in Israel for English speakers.

These cultural icons are perfect for extreme weather, during a heat wave or rainstorms and due to the fact that Tel Aviv is fairly small, they are not very far from one another. Here you can absorb the local art and discover local art and artists that have been influential in Israel’s short history, learn about the local wildlife and geology, delve into the Jewish religious influences and so much more.

Some fun museums you should experience in Israel:

The Tel Aviv Museum of Art
A Museum that can truly compare itself with leading modern art museums around the globe is the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. With a massive collection of both local and foreign artists, the newly renovated building is quite a sight. Highly recommended!

Eretz Israel Museum
In Hebrew, the name means ‘Museum of the Land of Israel’. The museum hosts archaeological exhibitions, scientific discoveries, cultural artifacts, fun activities for young and old and an abundance of pavilions through which you can roam and discover the history of Israel from biblical times until modern day.

Beit Hatfutsot | The Museum of the Jewish People
Within Tel Aviv’s University Campus in Ramat Aviv in the northern part of Tel Aviv. The Museum of the Jewish People has archived thousands of years of Jewish life and history. Creative and innovative displays really bring it to life. A visit to Beit Hatfutsot can take more than a full day.

Azrieli Observatory
On top of Tel Aviv’s tallest building, The Azrieli Circular Tower, there is an observatory with magnificent panoramic views of Tel Aviv, the coastline and about 50 KM north and south. Let the cityscape soak into you as you relax in the bar and enjoy the view.

Bauhaus Museum
At one point Tel Aviv was an icon of the Bauhaus architecture period. Today, this moment in time is captured at the Bauhaus Museum on Bialik Street. This boutique gallery opens twice a week, to commemorate the design, architecture and current status of Bauhaus in Tel Aviv.

Another aspect of life in Israel can be experienced and understood by Israel’s amazing Museums, many of which are concentrated in Tel Aviv. Stop by for an afternoon of relaxation and perhaps you’ll learn something

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