Laurel Silverstein

“Currently I am residing in Tel Aviv with 3 Israeli roommates. My internship I had on Career Israel hired me and I work there and also have a job as a customer service representative.

I have many memories from Career Israel: holding lambs and goats, participating in eye-opening seminar trips and having all of our family dinners together. There was never a dull moment while living in Beit Leni whether it was getting ready to go out with Good Carly, bringing in stray cats from the streets or other pets or just watching games in the big classroom. Career 13 was its own family.

I think Career Israel impacted my life not just on a professional level for my CV or work experience but on an emotional level. Having the opportunity to come to a new country to obtain an internship and really sink into the culture can’t be described. After the program was over I knew my time in Israel wasn’t over and that I could sustain a lifestyle here–and I have since.

It’s a whole different level of independence while being here. I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Laurel interned and later received a job at Moshe Sherat School

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