New Year’s resolutions are exciting. The prospect of making changes, accomplishing goals, and advancing your personal and professional life. Now you can make realistic plans and act upon them, setting your sights on once-in-a-lifetime adventures is not far fetched anymore. 


Before you sell all your belongings, put on a backpack to trek across the Sahara, let’s see what realistic adventures you can take on, ones that will build up your career or enable you to contribute to society and allow you to grow personally and professionally.

Traveling abroad 

Exploring a new country is one of the best experiences a person can have. Aside from taking in horizons and sights, you have never seen before, you get to experience a new culture. Being exposed to a new language and local life, you gain the ability to adapt to new situations and settings in the future.  Hiring managers like to know they have well-rounded team players in their group to provide different points of view.


One of the most selfless acts you can do is to volunteer. You can touch others with your skills and your personality. The rewards you reap from this act of kindness are important and can give you a leg-up when applying for a job. Your initiative to volunteer will not go unnoticed and the skills you gained immersing into a new culture and experience will help you stand out as a potential candidate for the job.


The ideal way to gain work experience without the full-time commitment is to intern. You can experience a different work environment for a short period of time and aside from you assisting the company you can actually assess if this type of professional atmosphere is for you. You can intern abroad and have the opportunity to gain international work experience, be exposed to a new culture, and travel. Three for the price of one. 

Make your new year resolution and through Career Israel, explore which one is ideal for you, based on your interests and your availability. This is your year to discover unique ventures and encounters. Happy New Year! 2020 will be a good one. 

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