5 Month Scholarships & Grants

Scholarships and Grants

  • Masa Israel Journey grants every eligible young adult, ages 22-30, a scholarship to reduce the program’s cost and you can apply for an additional needs based scholarship if you qualify. 
  • Masa Israel Journey offers grants and scholarships to Jewish individuals, 22-30, who have previously not participated in a 5+ month program in Israel. If you have ever been in Israel for longer than a 4 month period you are not eligible to receive Masa funding.
  • Below is a reference for grant amounts for a 4 month program for eligible participants 22-30. For information on scholarship for eligible participants ages 18-21 see the Masa website.

*The scholarships listed above are for reference purposes only.  The Masa Israel Scholarship department determines the amounts awarded to each participant.  For more information about Masa Israel funding please click here.

Are you from North America? If so, as a part of your application to the program, Career Israel will supply you with the scholarship database in which you can find accurate information on funding you may be eligible according to your city. To gain access to this database, send an e-mail to career@israelexperience.org.