Get your Instagram account ready and bring out your most creative costume! Because in Tel Aviv everyone goes all out for Purim, one of the funniest holidays in Israel. It’s the holiday commemorating our Jewish heritage based on the biblical Book of Esther. It’s celebrated by everyone in Israel, young and old, religious and secular, to all measures from putting out a costume to intricate parties and parades. 


In Tel Aviv, the hub of all cultures in Israel you will find week-long festivities. There are street fairs and parties, clubs hosting special Purim themed nights, and costume contests at restaurants and places of business.


This year, 2020, the festival of Purim starts from the evening of March 9th until the evening of March 10th, but throughout the week of these dates, you’ll be able to find and join special events with the Purim atmosphere. 


While you are local with one of the jobs for Americans in Israel, we urge you to get out and join the fun, costume and all.


Purim Celebrations in Tel Aviv:



Aside from these special events and parties, Tel Aviv will enjoy a week of fun, silly, and festive atmosphere. Kids will be walking around in colorful costumes, as will adults, and even dogs. As one of the top Israel interns, take some time to enjoy the week, go to the parties, and don’t forget to taste the Hamantaschen, the specialty Purim cookies resembling Haman the Evil’s ear. 

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