You’ve decided to go for it and instead of taking the familiar path of hanging out with friends from school or staying close to home you’ve opted for something different. Something that will help you advance professionally, completely ‘off the beaten path’, actually off the beaten country.
Now you are focusing on a
summer internship in Israel, one of hundreds that Career Israel has to offer top Israel interns.

That was the easy part, now comes the more challenging part. But definitely not impossible.
Follow these guidelines and with your drive, capabilities and a bit of ‘chutzpah’ (
spunk, gall, guts), you’ll find the ideal spot for you as an intern in Israel. 


What should you be asking for during your interview and why?

When you come to an interview for your internship you expect to be asked a lot of questions about yourself.
The place of work will want to understand if you are a good fit for the company – it’s requirements and environment. 

However (!), it is as important for you to ask the employer questions to understand if this is the place for you.
This way you’ll show your interviewer you are interested and have done your homework and researcher before coming in.

These are a few great questions to ask during an interview that will help you decide if this is the place for you.

Can you explain the training process?

Companies evaluate you from your first interaction with them – whether you are still in training or not. When asking this question, you’ll be able to find out what the structure of the training program is and how to prepare for it.
The program may be lax in some cases and in others, you may be expected to come with prior knowledge.
You will need to see if the type of training they provide fits your needs and wants – do you need more hands-on training or are you good with general guidelines and can take it from there.

What are the parameters of success and how will my performance be evaluated?

This is a great way to show you are targeting success and achievements at the company as well as looking for feedback on your conduct.
Clear expectations from the get-go will benefit both sides and will clear up any questions around this issue early on in the relationship. 

How do you define the company culture?

Here you’ll be able to hear and understand the overall mentality – lots of teamwork or individualism, late hours or expectation of work-life balance, etc.. You’ll be able to evaluate for yourself, aside from the job description, if this is the place for you. 

What do you expect from an intern?

This will give you a peek at what skills are required of you; You may already possess these skills and if not, maybe you can catch up quickly and acquire or adjust if needed. 

Do interns have an opportunity for growth or to become full-time employees?

This is a bit of a sensitive question to ask even before you land your internship, but an important one.
It is something you’d want to know especially if you are looking to make progress and move up in your field and also it allows your interviewer to know you are serious about your job and your future. 

What else should you do before and after the interview?

Asking the right questions will provide you with great insight into what the job you are interviewing for entails as well as provide the company an understanding of how interested and serious you are about the position.

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