Charlie is a law student who participated in Career Israel in the summer of 2019. He interned at the Organization for Refuge, Asylum & Migration (ORAM) as a research assistant. Throughout his internship, he was able to learn a lot about the refugee system in Israel while gaining valuable research experience. This internship allowed him to develop personally and professionally for his future endeavors. His favorite place he visited throughout the summer was the Western Wall in Jerusalem, one of the holiest religious sites. His recommendations for future participants is to “be prepared to adapt to new challenges and take everything in stride”. 

ORAM’s mission is to enable the international community to protect vulnerable refugees including the LGBTI community and asylum seekers working closely with governments of refugee receiving and transit countries. These individuals are exposed to violence and persecution in their home countries because of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity and expression. 

Job Description: An intern has the opportunity to create content for social media and website outlets about aid in the training of refugee professionals, help evaluate the educational film on LGBT refugees, build a research database of scholarly articles related to refugees.

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