Tel Aviv is all about the Israeli culture, the sights, the sounds, the tastes, and even the shopping. Yes, shopping. Tel Aviv has what it takes to make it a great city for the ultimate shopping experience. 

Do you feel like strolling down the street and window shop? No problem. Is it too hot outside and you need an air-conditioned mall to check out the latest styles? That could be arranged too. Or maybe you want a quaint little neighborhood with both cafes and shops to enjoy your shopping time? Tel Aviv has a few. 

Recommended Tel Aviv locations for shopping:

TLV Mall: A beautiful shopping center in the heart of Tel Aviv with a slick design, all the top brands, a spacious atmosphere, and a great food selection. The mall has both high fashion top chains to haute couture and casual wear. It is part of a large residential complex with luxury apartments, swimming pools, spas, and a country club. It’s located in a renewed and very popular neighborhood of Hacheshmonaim street close to Tel Aviv’s cultural institutions and heart of the city. 

Hashmonaim 96 – Karlibach 4 – Menachem Begin 97 

Tel Aviv-Yafo

Dizengoff Center: This shopping mall has been around since the 80s. It’s huge and constructed of two towers connected by tunnels and enclosed bridges. It consists of more than 400 stores, restaurants, food courts, a movie theatre, a gym, and a rooftop swimming pool. Wow! Each week on Thursday and Friday, the Center holds an international food fair – from Dim Sum to Empanadas, Falafel to Moroccan spices. Keep in mind that the mall is visited by 40,000 people per day and on weekends 45,000 per day, crazy!! Not only that, it is literally a 2-minute walk from Israel Experiences accommodations on King George street. 

Dizengoff 50

Tel Aviv

Mitcham Hatachana: In an old abandoned Train Station, first used in 1892, renovated beautifully, on the border between Tel Aviv and Jaffa there’s a beautiful outdoor shopping center. It’s a combination of brand name stores and boutiques, excellent restaurants and cafes, and the backdrop of antique trains and preserved buildings from Tel Aviv’s early years. 

On the corner of Hamered and Koyfman street

Tel Aviv

Azrieli Mall: This mall was built in 1988 in a strategic location. It’s right across from one of Tel Aviv’s main train stations, Hashalom, it’s right across the street from Tel Aviv’s army base and on one of Tel Aviv’s main highways exits. With abundant parking and easy access, this shopping center attracts lots of young people to enjoy its stores, restaurants, and an observatory on the 49th floor. 

132 Derech Menachem Begin

Tel Aviv

Dizengoff Street: This iconic street runs about 3 KM from Habima square to Tel Aviv Port. It was named after the first Mayor of Tel Aviv and was built in the 1920s. This boulevard was very popular in the 70s but afterward saw its decline. However, in the past few years it’s at its renaissance after much renovation and today Dizengoff Street is a vibrant, outdoor area for brands names, boutiques, cafes and restaurants targeting families and youth. 

Now, after work, while you are in Israel through Career Israel, all you have to do is choose – where and what to shop, since you are right there! In the city center with easy access to the best shopping in Tel Aviv! 


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