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From an early age we are taught to do several things to ensure that we have a fulfilling, successful future. We need to attend college, get good grades, and graduate with a degree— then we will be able to get a good job.  However, in the world that we live in today, employers are looking for more than someone with a two or four-year degree. They are looking for those with actual real world experience in their respective fields. This poses  several problems for the average, newly graduated individual. Most companies are not willing to hire someone that has little or no working experience. This determining factor drives us to apply for several internships, hoping that one of them will satisfy our hopes and desires to become the prospective employees that companies today are looking for.

After taking a break from my schooling for a few years to help run my  family’s restaurant in a time of need, I began looking at my different options regarding my future. I soon came across an exciting opportunity to apply for one of several internships located in Israel. I love the country and after much thought, I realized that interning in Israel would be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and I became very excited by the idea. Two months after  applying and being accepted, I arrived in the Holy Land— back to the only place I’ve ever truly felt at home.

My internship coordinator, Shira, helped me quite a bit to find the perfect internship for me. I eventually decided on a company located in Tel Aviv, called Genome Compiler. They are at the fore-front of the synthetic biology industry, constantly innovating the way we look at the connections between software and the actual DNA that makes up every living thing on this planet.  Though I do not have a background in biology—biology was actually one of my worst subjects in school— I was given the opportunity to intern with the brilliant company working with the Research and Development team. Being a software engineer, my days are never the same, as we are constantly changing and updating the software that Genome Compiler offers. This requires extensive debugging and regression testing that I gladly accept the challenge of completing. Each day brings new issues to be resolved and obstacles to overcome, keeping every workday productive and informative. I feel very privileged to be able to work with such a passionate and intelligent group of individuals that work here at GCC. The future is bright, and I cannot think of a place I would rather be than here at Genome Compiler Corporation in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Chris Brockwell is working with the Research and Development team at Genome Compiler.

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