What the weather is like, what there is to do: aviv literally means spring in Hebrew 🙂


What the weather is like, what there is to do: aviv literally means spring in Hebrew 🙂 masa internships, israel summer programs  


Surfing, outdoor dining, runs at the beach, picnics in the park. Spring in Tel Aviv is all these and so much more. It’s right after the winter rains and right before the intense summer Tel Aviv heat. What makes it even more special in the city is that ‘Aviv’ from Tel Aviv literally means spring. So enjoying the spring season in the city of ‘spring’ cannot be topped. 


As an intern with Career Israel and Masa internships, make sure to enjoy Tel Aviv during this refreshing season. The mornings are still crisp, perfect for a stroll, a run, sitting at a cafe with a light jacket, or an early breakfast on the balcony. 

At noon it’s already warm enough to head to the beach – swimming, surfing, or just sunbathing on the sand (still, make sure to put on enough sunscreen). 

In the afternoon a great nap with the windows open, no AC needed yet, an afternoon cafe with a light snack in the shade or sun, window shopping with friends, and grocery shopping for dinner at home.

And finally, during the evening got out with a sweater or t-shirt, layer up, for a fun date on the town, sidewalk restaurants, and bars that spill out into the street. 


What else can you do:


All of Israel’s seasons are wonderful, it’s never too cold or too hot, and Tel Aviv has it all during Israel summer programs, however, the spring season is spectacular. T-shirt, light jacket, shorts or jeans and your set. Make plans or be spontaneous and come out to enjoy the city. 

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