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In September 2009, three strangers from ‘opposite sides of the pond’ met one another for the first time in Israel, completely oblivious to what the next five months had in store for them, let alone the next five years.

James, Jake and Uri of course all met one another on Career Israel, and five years on, find themselves back in Tel Aviv – not just as tourists, but as close friends, roommates and business partners.

Interestingly enough, this story was nearly over before it even began. All three had been weighing up a variety of options after university and only at the very last minute decided to take the plunge and spend five months on Career Israel. After finding internships and signing up to the program, each had the slightly awkward task of informing family and friends that they would be migrating to the Middle East within a few days.

With James working for an Israeli Basketball team, Jake at Ha’aretz newspaper and Uri for the Kadima political party, Career Israel had shaped their career paths for the coming years. James went back to London to work for an international sports marketing firm, Jake managed a New York-based PR agency and Uri spent a short time in Washington, D.C. working for AIPAC before ultimately making aliyah and getting his MBA at Tel Aviv University.

On a trip back to Israel last year the three reminisced about the good times they shared in Tel Aviv at an Israeli craft beer event. It occurred to them that they had never heard of any of the beers they were drinking, seemingly thinking that the only beer available in Israel was the all-too-common Goldstar. Fast-forward a year, James and Jake joined Uri in Israel to set up their very own company called J Cubed Communications, with one of their first projects an initiative called Brew & White, focusing on none other than the Israeli Craft Beer Industry.

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J Cubed is a communications firm specializing in strategic marketing and business development, helping market Israeli companies and organizations reach global, English-speaking audiences. The company currently works with organizations that include the likes of Hapoel Tel Aviv Football Club, the Israeli Craft Beer Industry, Moonshine Bar & Restaurant and the Israel China Interflow Association (ICIA), amongst others.

J Cubed’s identity is built on the relationships and adventures experienced on Career Israel, even stretching as far as to how the company was named… but we’ll save that story for another time!

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