Take a look out of your window. Are you looking out over the Mediterranean sea?

If not – you should be.

Take a break from your desk job and apply now for these top internships in the cultural and business hub of Israel – Tel Aviv.


Communications – TV Production – PR | Headline Media

Headline Media is one of the Middle Easts premier communications consultants and crisis management teams. Made up of frontline journalists and newscasters from CNN, ABC and other world news networks, this is the company leading organizations call when their message has to be compelling and its delivery commanding.

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Marketing Strategy | Valueshine

Valueshine is an internet portfolio company and an early stage accelerator that develops and acquires digital assets in the realms of online media, rich content, e-commerce, outsourcing, crowdsourcing, B2B SAAS, monetization solutions and more. Valueshine’s unique biosphere combines technological knowhow, marketing expertise and financial acuity all in one place.

Valueshine is also looking for summer interns! Apply now.


Java / Mobile Application Developer | Pick N’ Tell


Pick N’ Tell is a location based mobile service that capitalizes on social networks by enriching the shopping experience in clothing stores, while collecting real-time consumer data and providing the retailers with consumer behavior analysis.

Pick N’ Tell just recently contacted Career Israel looking for interns – Apply now!


Medical Clinic for African Refugees | Migrant Health:IL

MigrantHealth:IL is an umbrella organization for harnessing low-cost and effective innovation to improve the health of the migrant community in Israel. MigrantHealth:IL coordinates and implements practical community-based healthcare solutions for marginalized communities in Israel. MigrantHealth:IL creates a comprehensive network for collaboration between community-based organizations, hospitals and governmental bodies working to address the health needs of the migrant communities in Israel. It focuses on increasing patient awareness of available resources and improving health literacy, overcoming language and cultural barriers, coordinating care between providers, ensuring follow-up, and reducing the overwhelming demand on local hospitals and clinics.

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Online Community/Social Media Manager | Brayola

Brayola is a personal bra shop that helps women discover their next favorite bra, without having a fit. The start-up functions as a online women’s service that helps women discover new bras/jeans based on a specialized bra/jeans-fitter technology that draws on crowd sourcing and enables each and every woman to discover her very own next favorite bra & jeans.

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