Tel Aviv weather hit over 90 degrees.

President Barak Obama is coming to Jerusalem – tomorrow.

Prime Minster Benjamin ‘Bibi’ Netanyahu was sworn in as Prime Minister.

It is hard to imagine how we could possibly top the past seven days. But, we can try. 

Social Media Assistant | Adotomi Ltd.

Adotomi Agency was founded in 2007 by a Scottsman, a Mexican, and an Israeli. Becoming one of Facebook’s first Preferred Marketing Developers (PMDs), Adotomi has developed one of the online marketing industry’s top technologies to bring our clients Facebook’s top users. Having worked with a diverse range of clients such as Nissan, SodaStream, EA, Ice Age, and OMD, the organization prides itself on building long-lasting relationships rooted in ROI positive campaigns.

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Business Development Analyst | IOTT

IOTT‘s goal is to close the gap between the technology and the end user, by strengthening product knowledge and operational usage so it is operated at its full potential. By escorting and guiding organization participants in the implementation process, IOTT creates the proactive stance necessary for the successful integration of new technologies into their clients’ daily life.

IOTT is interested in summer interns! Apply here.

Internet Marketing Assistant | Zazma Inc.

Zazma is a simple, new way for businesses to finance all the items they need. With their base office in New York, the Zazma team is led by senior finance executives from the world’s leading financial institutions. Zazma offers credit to SMBs using proprietary algorithms to make credit decisions. Initial funding was received from Sequoia Capital.

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Business & Marketing Development | GigaSpaces

GigaSpaces Technologies is the pioneer of a new generation of application virtualization platforms and a leading provider of end-to-end scaling solutions for distributed, mission-critical application environments, and cloud enabling technologies. GigaSpaces complementary solutions are XAP Elastic Application Platform and Cloudify – Easy Deployment of Mission Critical Applications to the Cloud.

GigaSpace is interested in summer interns! Apply here.


Software Developer | Autodesk Israel

Autodesk Israel is one of the main R&D centers for mobile applications. Autodesk Israel develops mobile applications for architects, engineers, interior designers and more. AutoCAD WS, just one of Autodesk’s many mobile applications, has over 11 million downloads in the Apple Store and Google Play.

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