Israel is well known as a leading culinary nation. The mix of traditional cooking from the web of global ethnicities, geographical location, and modern trends has created unimaginable numbers of restaurants, food stands, and catering services. And leading the way in Israel is Tel Aviv. The Meca of food innovation along with home-cooked traditions.

When coming to experience the country as an intern in Israel, there’s a good chance you’ll live and work in Tel Aviv, the city that has it all. You may try cooking at home but there is nothing like experiencing the country through its food, especially when it is right under your nose. 

Here are our favorite mediterranean restaurants in Tel Aviv

Ewa Sofi

This beautiful restaurant is located in Neve Tzedek, a southern Tel Aviv neighborhood, but takes you back to Morocco. The brothers Miko and Shimon went back to their Mother’s, Solika’s, roots and the way she puts her heart and soul into her food. Born and raised in Morocco she passed on the passion for food to her sons. They took that passion and tradition and added an Israeli twist to open Ewa Sofi – a fun and loud place to get in the vibe and eat. 

Abu Nassar Hinawi

In the Jaffa neighborhood of Ajami stands a well-known food icon. Its location in Jaffa, not far from the sea is picturesque and inviting. This restaurant is a combination of the best in the field of meat and the best in its field of fish and seafood. The flavors are Arab, Israeli, east, and west. 

Also, the restaurant is close to the Center Peres for Peace, a respected center of the Middle Eastern atmosphere.


Shemesh (literally means ‘Sun’) is among the super-hectic Tikvah Shuk (Market) stands. They say the sun always shines there. This is the place for a home-cooked meal since 1952. The food is Mediterranean flavored and includes meat, salads, and slow-cooked stews. Everything is fresh and made in-house. Please try the kebab!

Haj Kachil

Haj Kachil family has been living in Jaffa for over 120 years. Since the Turks ruled the area, family members made a living by taking passengers by horse and carriage all around Israel. The restaurant was built at the exact location of where the carriages picked up people to travel the land – north, south, east, and west. At the restaurant, you’ll find stuffed meats, tahini, fresh local salads and other traditional flavors typical of the Galilee, now in Tel Aviv.

Falafel Gabai

If you want falafel, and you do, this is the place, no excuses. It’s a staple of Tel Aviv and has so much more than falafel. The falafel is made in-house of course. You can also find here vegetarian dishes, hearty seasonal soups, and traditional home-cooked dishes. The tables are right on the sidewalk, as causal as you can get.

Try these amazing places to get a sense and taste of Israel and its heritage. No need to dress up. Go right after work, on the weekends, or even for a late-night bite. Be-teavon!

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